Industrial Ethernet fiber optic network


Plant description

It is a 100Mbps FX Ethernet network connecting the plants located in the instalation of the company, both corporate as those of other companies located in the “site.”
The network includes nodes combined into single mode and multimode optical fiber, with a total of 15, 20 participants (PLCs S7-300, S7-400, WinCC) and three redundancy rings, which include a total of 21km of fiber.
Rings are joined together with a safety switch so being a general ring and two secundary rings of the plants, preventing the connection from the general ring to the ones of the plants.

Description of the network

Hardware: Each node includes a switch type of Siemens industrial Scalance X408-2, which incorporates four RJ45 ports 100Mbit / s FX, two slots for fiber cards. Each slot can incorporate a two-channel multimode module (up to 3 km between nodes) or two-channel single-mode (up to 26km between nodes).

Combining properly the type of fiber and its components a FX communication is achieved FX 100Mbit/s with a distance of 21km.
Switches were installed to accommodate the different types of multimode fiber (62.5/125 and 50/125), and thus integrate them into the same network.

In the nodes which separate plant rings of the general ring, Siemens S612 Scalancefirewall with the intention of protecting internal networks have been installed.

Software: Ethernet communication between PLCs (S7-300 and S7-400) network has become the type SEND / RECIVE and ISO-on-TCP protocol, communicating with each other all important data between different plants of the complex.


For the diagnosis of the network a monitoring system based on Siemens WinCC has been installed, from where we see the state of each of the ports of any switch in the network, having the possibility to instantly diagnose any problem, this being recorded in the alarm history.

It records every connection and disconnection of each port of the network, to detect unauthorized network connection or disconnection of an active participant.


From the supervision station can be programmed via monitoring software STEP7 of Siemens any of the PLCs participants in the network, all of them being integrated into a multi-project.
Also you can program both the application monitoring (WinCC) as from the engineering station itself through any of the IE switches in the network.