Paper manufacturing plant

Plant description

Factory dedicated to the production of paper, using fibers from wood or recycled. This production line produces, based on virgin pulp, paper rolls, and ready for further manipulation.

This paper, once manipulated, is used as toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, hand dryer and as cellulose industry

Description of the automation system

The plant is automated with SIEMENS PLC Step-7 S7-400 with remote stations type ET 200M and ET 200S. For the visualization part Siemens WinCC HMI system is used.

This project has also integrated the control system of the paper machine, so we have everything in the same process control system. Thus from any plant with username and password authentication, we can control the process.


The monitoring system includes redundant servers. For providing availability, they are installed in two contrasting areas of the plant, so that if an area falls we can continue operating from the other, all communication both in control as of supervision as redundancy has taken multimode optical fiber.
The system has a total of 5 clients.
With this configuration we can control the plant automatically see both startup and shutdown sequences performed with S7-GRAPH, and continuous monitoring by adjusting all the parameters of their own control, such as production and quality.

PLC Control

For the control a 416-2DP AS type has been installed, with 3 remote Siemens ET 200M and 3 remote Siemens ET200S for CCM.

Network architecture

There are two distinct Ethernet networks, the control to 100Mbps where PLCs, and monitoring network to 1Gbps cable between two stations in operation with multimode optical fiber between local plants live.
The ET-200 remote are integrated into a Profibus network cable to 1.5 Mbps.