Resins plant
Planta de resines

Plant description

Plant dedicated to the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resins and instatuated vinylester.

Description of the automation system

This installation has been automated with a distributed control system PCS7 V7.0 SIEMENS.


The distributed control system has been based on a client – server architecture.

In the control an AS-417H automation system of high quality and high availability with redundant CPUs with peripheral I / O ET-200M.

In the area of operation and supervision have installed a set of redundant servers, connected by another set of redundant BATCH servers which control the execution of recipes and control of different batches, all connected in a separate network of control, a total of five clients.

Supervision (OS)

Supervision includes four operation stations, clients (OT), each one equipped with two screens, displying two different areas of the plant from each place of operation.

With this configuration and with batch control system SIMATIC BATCH we can control the plant automatically launching the system sequences SFC automatically. Thus whenever we’re at the point where within each production sequence and what conditions we need to move to the next step, with this criterion we get the diagnosis process reaches level operation.

We used standard controls PCS7 V7.0.
We have tailored the special features that are required according to production specifications to complete the requirements not covered by standard libraries.

Control (AS)

For the control has been installed an ASof the type 417-H, with 12 Siemens ET-200M that collect non EX signals from the CCM and the field terminal blocks, and the EX signals from separatin barriers.

Engineering station

In this case there is an engineering room where is installed the engineering station (ES) and where we programm any part of the application. Finally we have a client on whiche are created the production batches and on which is observed the operation of the plant without having to go to the control room.